The Internet has given people a unique opportunity to find a loved one who fully meets your requirements and desires. is one of the places where you can comfortably and safely meet the person of your dreams.

What is EmilyDates?

EmilyDates is a niche online dating platform that provides a comfortable opportunity for sugar daddies to communicate with sugar babies. This is the place where people come with a clearly defined goal — to create a mutually beneficial relationship with a specific partner on specific conditions. Users of know exactly what they want from a relationship and build it based on openness and transparency of their intentions.

The site looks very representative. High-quality design, pleasant color scheme, competent organization — the professionalism speaks of the serious approach of the platform administration to ensuring the comfort of its users. The site has a decent number of options and tools that provide high requirements for the quality of communication between community members. All tabs are easily accessible, and the transition to any page is available within three clicks. The home page provides access to registration, profiles page, search engine, and communication services.

EmilyDAtes Site

What is the purpose of EmilyDates?

The main and only goal of EmilyDates is to provide an opportunity for safe and affordable communication between sugar daddies and sugar babies. Using its rich experience in the field of online dating, combined with modern technology, the resource provides high-quality services at reasonable prices.

List Of EmilyDates Features is a typical online dating site, built according to the standard scheme for such resources. However, it has a couple of absolutely unique features:

  • The platform implements the original idea of organizing messaging: each new user is allocated 15 contacts for free with whom he or she can conduct a dialogue.
  • Women can use the main services of the site absolutely free.

Considering a significant multinational audience of this resource, the site is presented in several language versions: English, German, French, and Russian. Even though the website is made according to the standard scheme for such platforms, it has several objective competitive advantages. I would like to note the outstanding manageability and navigation on the site, as well as the excellent quality of the sugar babies' profiles.

EmilyDates Statistics is a relatively young resource, but it has managed to attract about 2 million users over the last couple of years. This result is very impressive and speaks greatly about the quality of services and the level of attention to detail. At the time of this writing, there are about 8954 active girls and 2706 active men on the site. These are very good indicators for this type of resource.

How To Use EmilyDates Website

Your use of the site is no different from your use of any similar dating platforms. If you have ever used a resource like this, you can easily get started with EmilyDates. However, even novice users will find it easy to work on the website.

Here is a checklist of the basic steps you need to take to become a member of EmilyDates. As you can see, this is a standard and quick procedure:

  • Account registration
  • Creation of a profile
  • Email verification
  • Profile confirmation
  • Search for matches

After the moderation of the profile by the site administration, you will receive a confirmation by email. From that moment, you are a full member of By using a set of match engine filters, you can greatly simplify and speed up the selection of people you want to meet.

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EmilyDates Registration Process Overview

As we said before, registering an account should not be difficult for you. You will need to indicate the following data in a special form:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Your gender
  • City
  • Date of birth

The site will then ask you to fill out a few additional forms that will be used to improve your profile:

  • Something about yourself and your goals on the website
  • Your monthly spending habits
  • Information about occupation, relationships, children, bad habits
  • A description of your appearance
  • Your photos

Now that you have become the owner of an account on, you can start realizing your goal of finding a partner for a mutually beneficial relationship. Go to the Search tab and you will be taken to the site's search engine. Filling out the proposed form fields, you can specify a list of physical parameters that you think your partner should have, select the preferred city of his or her residence and preferred age. Click the Search button, and the match search engine will select applicants that exactly match your specified criteria.

Also, on this page, you can select users by activity on the site — All, New, Online.

User Profile Overview

A profile is a user's business card. For ease of navigation, the profile page is divided into sections "Gallery," "About myself," "Purpose," "Financial needs/opportunities," "Parameters of the owner's appearance."

  • Gallery. Here, all the photos of the account owner that every visitor to the page can see are collected. The number of uploaded pictures is unlimited. The main requirement is a high-quality portfolio.
  • About myself. This section contains information that the owner fills in at his own discretion, placing personal information.
  • Profile info
  • Purpose. It explains the reasons that brought the owner to the site (marriage, relationship without obligation, finding a travel partner).

User Activity Overview

This page shows statistics of user activity on your profile page. It also shows the owner's activity with the profiles of other users. The data is located in the sections "Viewed me," "Matches," "Favorites," "Like you," "You liked." On this page, you can also raise your profile to the top spot on the search engine to get more views.

Activity feature

Website Services Overview

As you already understood, the main activity of the site is to ensure high-quality and safe communication between users of the resource. Hence, all service options are communication tools. Their set is standard for similar sites and usually consists of email, instant messenger, and chat. Besides, at the request of the user, the team of can organize a live meeting. As you can see, the site has all the necessary services to ensure full communication between interested people.

Top EmilyDates Reviews

Of course, in such a brief overview, it is impossible to fully reveal all the possibilities of this wonderful site. This site is for informational purposes only and gives a superficial idea of how the platform works. If you are interested and would like to learn more about the features of, then we recommend reading these reviews:

They contain complete information about the capabilities of and cover in detail all aspects of work on this resource.

There are only a few reasons why you should trust the information in these reviews. First, they contain the most recent and relevant information. Secondly, they are written by experienced experts in the online dating field, whose opinion carries a certain weight. Thirdly, the presentation of the material is organized very competently and accessible.

Why To Choose EmilyDates?

The answer to this question is obvious: is an honest and open dating site created by professionals to connect people. High quality of services, reliability, and safety are at the heart of this popular portal.

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